During the coronavirus pandemic, read Hideth for free in English, Spanish or Italian.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Hideth: Free Comic Book Edition #1 was put together so you, who should stay home to protect yourself and others, or you, who are on the frontlines risking your life to save others, can read it at no charge on your spare time.

Enjoy it online for free at issuu.com

> Available in English, Spanish and Italian.

Photo composition by Non Pertinente

Hideth: Free Comic Book Edition #1 includes chapter 1 of the fabulous tale of Hideth.

Meet Matt Diotavelly, an exceptional man in search of hidden mysteries. And Eva, a beautiful scuba diver instructor who will play an important part of his life.

Matt is no ordinary man: He's invulnerable.

And he possesses other superb capabilities for a reason still to be uncovered.

Hideth first appeared on Instagram in 2017.

Read the Hideth comic at issuu.com