Hideth is available on this online comics platform powerhouse from Asia.

In a desire to increase Hideth's reach, I looked for a webcomic platform and came accross Webtoons.

Webtoons is an important online comics publisher from Asia with a 14+ million reader base.

Since it is based in Asia, most of the comics are manga.

While the style of Hideth isn't the most popular, having it in Webtoons has its benefits.

One thing that stood out for me was its vertical format.

This format is to optimize the reading comics in small devices like smartphones and tablets.

Photo composition by Non Pertinente

It also allows a creator to tell his graphic novel in a fresh cool way.

Disassembling drawings, using zooms, placing the dialog balloons on their own.

It's time consuming and challenging, but I do find the values of this vertical format.

Hideth was introduced to Webtoons on April 15, 2019, and a portion of Chapter 1 was published on a weekly basis.