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Comic Book Artist

Trained, seasoned illustrator specialized in black & white drawings.

Comic Book Writer

Really enjoying the beautiful creative process of writing stories 4 comics.

My Work Speaks for Itself

My work is what really matters. So, my name? It is irrelevant.


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Hideth, The Comic

Nothing Stays Hidden Forever

The story of Matt Diotavelli, an intriguing special man on a critical secret mission.

Hideth is a one-man comics project: I'm the creator, writer, artist, and publisher.
It came out on August 14, 2017, on Instagram.
Hideth is one of the first #instacomics in that novel graphical social platform.

Five-Page Preview

Preview of Hideth #1 in comic book format:

Promotional Video

Promotional video by our talented friends from Voice Interactivos:

A Note to In-Print Publishers

Hideth is Looking for Print Publishing Homes

I would like to publish Hideth in print in English, Spanish and Italian.

Publishers from the United States, Spain, Latin America countries and Italy who would like more information about Hideth, and would be interested in publishing the Hideth comic, please contact me at


Note: Hideth is currently published digitally on Instagram

Image Galleries


Matt Diotavelli

Matt Diotavelli - Hideth Comic

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Eva - Hideth Comic

Additional Characters

Additional Characters - Hideth Comic

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Hideth Comic

Arrow (Stephen Amell)

Arrow (Stephen Amell) - Misc Drawings

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