A little bit about my current comic book project, HIDETH!

Hideth? Hidden...

"Hideth" means "hidden" in old English. This word is at the story's core. Since nothing stays hidden forever, amazing secrets will be unraveled. And some revelations will be paramount.

Matt Diotavelli

The main character is a mysterious, quiet unique man who is searching for ancient treasures of sorts. His enemies are not far behind. But, he knows how to defend himself.


My name, "Non Pertinente", means "irrelevant" in Italian. In other words, focus on the creation (the story, the artwork), and mind less about the creator.


Years in the Making


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Years of Drawing Experience

Meet The Main Characters

The characters in Hideth are as intriguing as the plot itself. There is something hidden about the personality or background of each and every one of them.

Matt Diotavelli

  • The mysterious man behind the hidden "treasures" of sort.

Eva ...

  • A beautiful scuba instructor who crosses path with Matt.

Kaz Talbot

  • A rich elder determined to locate Matt, whatever it takes.

Leonie ...

  • A very tough woman, she is Kaz' right hand.

Read HIDETH Online

The HIDETH comic is published online on both Instagram and Webtoons.


Where it all started

When I conceived HIDETH back in 2017, I chose Instagram to publish it because I could create and post the story in a panel-by-panel basis. That mechanism was new to me; I was used to draw full comic book pages which include several panels. But, it accommodated perfectly with the little time I had to devote to writing and drawing the comic.

As per reaching out to an audience, a social platform, not a website, was the logical choice. I had been using Instagram for a few months, and liked it over the others.

The first panel of HIDETH came out on Instagram on August 14, 2017.

HIDETH is still a comic under development. If you want to see the latest chapters, follow it on Instagram.

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Relaunch in vertical format

In a desire to increase the reach of HIDETH in 2019, I looked for a web comic platform in where to relaunch it, and came accross Webtoons. Webtoons is an important online comics publisher with a 14+ million reader base. It is based in Asia and most of the comics are manga.

One thing that stood out for me was its vertical format. This is to optimize reading comics in smartphones and tablets. But, it also allows the creator to tell its graphic novel in a fresh cool way. Disassembling drawings, using zooms, placing the dialog balloons on their own. I loved the format.

HIDETH was relaunced in Webtoons on April 15, 2019, and it is published in chapters on a weekly-basis.

Webtoons is best for new readers to catch up with the story.

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